#Health: Managing acute and chronic stress

Hello All & seasons greetings! I’m back again, and with a big topic – Stress! A very relevant subject at this time of year, where all the merriness also brings along a lot of stress. “Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century” World Health Organisation. The information in this article comes from personal […]


#Health – Understanding & Addressing Autoimmune

Hello Bonono’s, So, I am a little nervous about posting my first “health” article as I am not an expert, just someone with personal experience looking to help others. The below is not designed to cure or heal autoimmune. Instead, it is a summary of everything I have been learning over the last few years […]

Career switching

#SelfDevelopment – Mastering the mid-life career switch

Hello, My Bonono’s! It has been a while! I must start with a confession. I took an unintentional extended break from my blog because life got a little busy. Unfortunately, during this break, I’ve let a lot of my good habits slip, and now I find myself back in an unhealthy space. I was agitated […]

#SelfDevelopment – How to rediscover who you are after a life change

It’s safe to say I have been through my fair share of life-changing events. In just the last five years I have… Moved country (twice!) Been made redundant Had an unplanned pregnancy …and so became an unprepared mother (and wife) Became a working mum (the guilt!) Lost my hair from an autoimmune disorder  I know […]

#SelfDevelopment: 4 tips for keeping a new years resolution

First of all, thank you for dropping by and reading my post! Secondly, as you have decided to share your precious time with me and this post, it is likely (based on the title) you have picked a new year resolution but struggling to keep to it. It’s ok! We are only in week 3 […]

self development

#SelfDevelopment: Four questions to ask yourself

I have been pretty open on this blog, as well as with my nearest and dearest, about my struggle with self-identity since becoming a mother and being hit with alopecia. One day a cherished friend and colleague introduced me to the idea of self-reflection byways of getting in touch with my values, priorities, goals, and […]

#ChapterOne: Soulmate

For my newest piece of creative writing I decide to challenge myself with poetry. While still a story, I have framed it using rhyming couplets. Let me know what you think of the style and the story.   Soulmate Heads turn, mouths open, and I can practically hear a ripple of shocked murmurs, For god’s […]

#Personal: Dear Mr Bonono

Dear Mr Bonono, Happy anniversary! Today we celebrate 2 years of marriage. Wow…we are married! I still can’t believe I have a husband. Or a child. I hope you are reading this. I know life can get busy and finding the time to read my blog isn’t always priority number one. In fact, the way […]

#SelfDevelopment: 3 steps to creating a routine

I’ve just got back from a 2 week trip to Toronto to visit Mr Bonono’s family and get away from the heat of Dubai’s summer (those of you who don’t live here, just imagine the sun, and now place yourself in the centre of it. That’s Dubai right now!) Besides having a wonderful time breathing […]