Mercury Retrograde – why a sceptic is taking note & you should too

Have you heard this sentence today “Oh no Mercury is in Retrograde again!!” I have. It’s on every website I visit. Now, I don’t know astrology per-say, but what I do know about the subject, I question. For example, my star sign is almost the opposite of me! So why would a sceptic like me be telling you about Mercury Retrograde?

What is Mercury Retrograde?
Before I go into it, let’s address the obvious question. What is retrograde? NASA says planets usually orbit the sun in a west-to-east motion, this is referred to as prograde. Periodically the movement appears to change to east-to-west, this is called retrograde. Today Mercury started going into retrograde for a three week period.

Why is it so scary when Mercury goes into retrograde?
According to astrology Mercury rules so many important aspects of life, such as communication, listening, clear thinking, learning, as well as travel, agreements, contracts, deeds, buying, and selling. When in retrograde things turn ugly. You will never get a satisfying answer, plans will falter, and miscommunication will occur (I guess I shouldn’t be sharing this blog post then! eeekkk). The list goes far beyond what I have shared. It’s quite scary.

What you should be doing during this time
If the blogs I have read are anything to go by then I suggest we all go into hiding for three weeks! Definitely don’t think about making new years resolutions, falling in love, or embarking on any new ventures.

What you should ACTUALLY be doing during this time
Instead of ignoring this natural occurrence or being scared into isolation, I think this is the perfect time for us to take the time to re-energise and focus on living the present moment. Let’s stop the consistent inner churning and chattering about the future and ‘life goals’. Instead, for three weeks look around you, take note of your blessings and show genuine appreciation for them. Live in the moment. Don’t think about plans that need planning, goals that need achieving, or even washing that needs washing. Rather, enjoy each moment while it is happening. By the end of this time we should be so swollen with happiness and feel energised to tackle the future again.

I would love to know if you believe in this occurrence and what it means to you.

5 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde – why a sceptic is taking note & you should too

  1. I had literally NO idea about this at all. How interesting! I am now off to google it a little more and find out what it’s all about. Love the message of being present – timeless wisdom!

  2. Its too easy to blame good or bad occurrences on the stars. They are just that bit far away to give an answer! I am sure your approach of taking responsibility for your own life and consciously influencing your own attitude is truly astral in its effects. I enjoyed the post. Enjoy the fun you create ….

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