#Personal: 29 (possibly) interesting facts about me

As I said on my ‘finding my identity’ post, I want to explore the side of me beyond the Alopecia & Bonono’s label. So here is step one of that journey, a small and somewhat interesting list of facts about me.

Please let me know if you’d like me to go into any details and perhaps tell me if any of these are true for you too.

  1. I had a natural, painkiller free, water birth – something I am very proud of and will unashamedly brag about. Hence why it is number 1 on my list
  2. I love being cosy and warm in my house. I will always choose this over being dressed up and outside
  3. I would like to go back to school to start a new career. I just don’t know what
  4. If someone said to me “you can only eat food beginning with one letter for the rest of your life” I would pick the letter C = chocolate, cake, cookies, chips, croissants, curry, cheese, crab, calzone…you see why
  5. I have had three tattoos – but only have one now. Yes, mum, you were right, I do regret it.
  6. …despite this I want to have more tattoos. Just more carefully planned
  7. I have never been to hospital, broken a bone, had surgery, etc. – except to have a baby of course
  8. Odd numbers are my favourite type of number
  9. Since having a baby, I’ve realised the power of being a woman, and regret not feeling more empowered before. Blossoming feminist perhaps!
  10. I will wear headphone when shopping, even if I am not listening to anything
  11. I have dreams of becoming a painter or sculptor. I’m just no good at it!
  12. I am so messy when it comes to clothes. There is a constant pile of clothes next to the side of my bed, in the bathroom, and even in the living room!
  13. Bed time for me would ideally be 9 pm. I love bed!
  14. I’m not sentimental with possessions. I like minimal clutter around me and will routinely chuck stuff/donate stuff
  15. A sunny winter’s day, wrapped up warm and the sunshine on my face is the best feeling around
  16. I cannot process stress or anger. My mind almost stops working. I basically go into shut down mode
  17. I set my alarm clock for odd times – 5.57, 6.13, 7.22 etc. I don’t know why
  18. I still struggle with the eight times table
  19. My most often spoken phrase is “it’ll be fine” – I am so laid back I might as well be laying down
  20. I don’t do any physical exercise…something I want to change, but I hate sports
  21. I’m a morning person
  22. I hate small talk. I find it awkward and uncomfortable
  23. I have dreamt about situations/conversations, and then they have occurred in real life. Spooky!
  24. I have an endless supply of songs in my memory bank. Mr Bonono is often quite impressed with ability to memorise lyrics
  25. I get inspired by the people around me and easily pick up new habits from them
  26. I can sleep anywhere at any time
  27. I have the second rarest blood type. Only 1.5% of the world is like me
  28. I’m a 100% ambivert
  29. I was a vegetarian for five years, but when I was pregnant all I craved (and ate) was bacon!

Well done on getting to the end of the list! Here’s me as a kid wearing all the accessories in the house 🙂 I had the best childhood around


4 thoughts on “#Personal: 29 (possibly) interesting facts about me

  1. This is a really lovely list, I like how unabashed you are about your quirkiness! Woo!
    The picture is FABULOUS! Yes, please elaborate on the ambivert 🙂

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