#SelfDevelopment: The NEW New Years resolution

I have a love-hate relationship with New Years Resolutions. I’ve always set these idealistic huge goals for myself that fail before January is done. But I still love the symbolic nature of the day. An opportunity to reset, reflect, and renew.

As a new mum with health issues and exciting 2017 plans, my resolution list this year is as tall as the Burj Khalifa! With good intentions in abundance and steely determination still intact I started looking into resolutions and how to avoid failure.

During my research, I came across a new idea that is so simple and makes so much sense I don’t know why I’ve just discovered it. It has been such a light bulb moment for me I wanted to share with you too.

I like to call it Moon R & R. Here is my nutshell explanation


    For every new moon, you ask yourself “What is my intention for the month ahead”. You then set yourself a resolution for that period.


    With each full moon, you reflect back on the month that has passed. Celebrate the successes and take stock. Ask questions like “How am I doing”, “what isn’t working for me”, “what can I let go of” etc.


There is a lot of different ways to observe this practice, for example some people only do the New Moon cycle, whereas others practice both Full and New Moon. Some set goals based on the zodiac position (e.g. when the moon is in Cancer you should focus on emotions), and others mediate before setting goals.
Whatever the method, I love this whole idea because I can tackle my list one bit at a time and hopefully enter a state of constant evolution.

We all know life is forever changing and throwing curve balls at you. I mean for goodness sake, this time last year I had a full head of hair! Who knows what 2017 will bring. By regularly checking into life through moon R&R I think I will be able to adapt to the lows as well as celebrate the highs.

You’ll find a lot of articles about the moon, its effect on our bodies, and how important it is that we are in tune with nature. And that is all fine, but for me, I just like that it gives me more than one opportunity to grow, and if I fail I just have to wait until the next moon to try again.

I’m off to input moon dates into my calendar. Will you be too?

7 thoughts on “#SelfDevelopment: The NEW New Years resolution

  1. This is such a novel way to look at goal setting. For a hyperactive Nozbe user like me, I shall align my “1 & 3 month reviews” to be as in harmony with these moonly ways as possible.

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