#ChapterOne: Betty & Wade

Whats happening in this photo?

Is she critiquing his photo or complaining that he isn’t paying attention to her?

What do you see?


Betty loved Wade. His artistic nature complimented her inner adventurer. So when he suggested a moonlit dinner on the beach to finish his photography project, she burst with excitement.

The night was perfect. The moon hung low in the sky, the air was still, and the table was set so close to the shore they could feel the water on their feet as it rolled up the sand.

Wade had taken dozens of photos of Betty that night. The soft light somehow made her appear even more striking than usual. She was wearing a sexy tight black dress, but the look was softened by her bare feet and natural makeup.

Wade snapped another photo of his muse. They met two years ago in a park. Her looks, her voice, her attitude, her everything immediately inspired Wade. He suddenly longed to create art that would make others feel what he felt at that moment.

Wade took Betty’s hand.

“foods on the table, come”

She smiled and followed his lead

“It’s such a perfect night babe”

“It is kind of magical”

“And look at this food! how do they get vegetables to look like that? You have to take a photo”

“I’m not really a food photo person”

“Come on, please. I want to try to recreate it at home….pleeeeease”

“Uh, you know I can’t say no to you. Ok, I’ll take the photo”

As Wade snapped the requested photo, Betty noticed something strange behind him


“Hang on”

“No but darling”

“two seconds,  gotta get the focus right for your photo”

Betty squinted, trying to make out what the shadowy figure approaching was. It didn’t move like a person and it was too tall to be an animal.

The shadow curved in direction and now appeared to be heading directly to Betty.


“Two seconds babe”

“But, but…”

“Two seconds”


Wade looked up and found the chair that once had beautiful Betty on it, empty.


PHOTO CREDIT: Creative Writing, by Eva Glettner 

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