#ChapterOne: Ryder & Nora

This image is the culmination of a swash-buckling narrative filled with adventure, love, and loss. What tale would you tell??

Read my tale below.


Nora was so in tune with Ryder that she could feel his emotion without him needing to speak or even look at her. And today was no different.

After being called by Drake to come quickly to Red’s Bar, she knew the situation must be bad. She just didn’t know how bad.

When Nora entered the bikers bar, she instantly felt the suffocating thickness of his anger. It was like smoke clouded the room. Finding Ryder in the crowd wasn’t hard either. To her, it appeared like darkness was muting the light from the area where he sat, cradling a glass of amber liquid in his hand.

Nora took a deep breath and approached the booth in the corner. As she got close, she could see that his face was full of anger and fury.

“Ooooh boy” she mumbled to herself.

She stood an arm’s length away from him, braced, and whispered,


Ryder was so consumed with hate he hadn’t noticed Nora entering the bar. This was unlike him; he always noticed Nora. She had such a presence and beauty that everyone noticed her.

As the leader of the Blaze Motorbike Club, Ryder was known for being unattainable. He never attached deep emotions to a woman. To him, his brothers were all that mattered, and women were just for cheap thrills. He used them as he needed.
But Nora was different. She was his Achilles heel. A weakness he didn’t want to recognise or explore. She had no idea that he had fallen for her. And he needed to make sure no one ever did. If his enemies found out, she would be targeted and potentially killed.

He had been swallowing his emotions for six months. But recently Ryder had begun realising that Nora was the calm to his fury. The waves of peace in his sea of anger. Making  his love for her harder and harder to deny. Ryder believed they were made for each other, and in a different life, they would be together. But unfortunately, THIS was his life. A life full of rivalry, blood, and death. A life too dangerous to drag Nora into.

“Please leave,” Ryder said through clenched teeth.

He dipped his head. Focusing on his glass so not to look at her.

“I can’t speak to you right now Nora. Leave”

Nora was taken aback by his sharp tone. He’d ever spoken like that to her. Whatever has happened it must be serious.

She reached her hand out and cradled his cheek, so to turn his head to look at her. She didn’t know if that was a smart move or not, but she was going with her instinct, not common sense.

“Ryder. I’m here for you. I’m not leaving you. Speak to me”.

The feel of Nora’s soft hand on his face was incredible. He wanted more. He wished he could lift her into his lap and press the rest of her body and against his. He imagined holding her so close that their bodies merged and hearts synced.

IMAGINE SOURCE: Eva Gletter, Creative Writing: A journal with art to kickstart your writing.

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