#ChapterOne: The buried truth of Micky & Minnie Mouse

What’s the story of this anonymous mouse?



Do you know this mouse?

His face is so recognisable, right?

But wait.

Take a closer look.

Is he the same mouse you were thinking of? I didn’t think so.

This mouse is anonymous now, but not for long.

Let me introduce Kevin.

My wife started writing this biography five years ago to celebrate and share the personal life of Mickey Mouse. A personality she loved and adored as a child.

But what she discovered left her so disturbed, she stopped her investigations to alert the authorities. No one would listen to her. Dismissing her as a crazed fan and threatening her with imprisonment for stalking.

What we didn’t know, was this cover-up runs deep. All the way to the White House and even the CIA.

Not happy to be silenced she decided to write a different book, to publically expose the truth.

Sadly before she could release this book, she went missing.

And is still missing to this day. Two years later.

The police are unwilling to help me find her, leaving me to assume her disappearance is connected to the truth she uncovered.

I will not let her life go wasted. Therefore I have decided to risk my life by releasing her book, and finish what she started.

I just hope you see this before it is buried… like Kevin was.

The buried truth of Micky & Minnie Mouse

  • CHAPTER ONE – A Town Mouse Dreams of the City
  • CHAPTER TWO – Starting over
  • CHAPTER THREE – A chance encounter
  • CHAPTER FOUR – Enter Micheal
  • CHAPTER FIVE – The pursuit of happiness as brothers and best friends
  • CHAPTER SIX – Addiction
  • CHAPTER SEVEN – o brother where art thou?
  • CHAPTER EIGHT – Green eyed monster
  • CHAPTER NINE – The bloody end
  • CHAPTER TEN – The cover-up begins
  • CHAPTER ELEVEN – Enter Mickey & Minnie… or is it Micheal & Wilhemina?
  • CHAPTER TWELVE – Silencing the brave
  • CHAPTER THIRTEEN – The ‘happiest’ place in on earth….?



At the tender age of 16, Kevin Mouse had already starred in seven major productions in his hometown theatre, in the city of Chicago. But it was the exposure and accolade he received for his performance in the Nutcracker, which ignited his dream of bigger success. The stage was no longer enough; he wanted screen!

His girlfriend, Wilhemina, agreed to leave the Windy City to start a new life in California to pursue the American Dream.

Life was hard. Full of setbacks and struggles. Being a mouse in a human world is hard. But one chance encounter with a Mr Roy Disney started his journey to stardom.

As loyal as they come, Kevin asked his best friend, and fellow actor, Michael to join him in California to see if they could succeed together.

They both starred in minor roles and began, what promised to be, successful careers in the spotlight.

But Michael soon got lured into the dark side of Hollywood. His spiral of self-destruction got worse as his best friend landed leading role after leading role all while Michael’s addictions took hold of him and ended his career before it began.

What was to follow is a tale of bitter jealousy, violence, and affairs.

The burning of archives and legal name changes was skilfully done to cover up the murder and fool the public that the Magic Kingdom is the happiest place on earth.

Join me as I unbury the truth and shine the spotlight on the lost and forgotten Kevin Mouse.





4 thoughts on “#ChapterOne: The buried truth of Micky & Minnie Mouse

  1. 😨😯😆 you had me . Started reading on my email only to see Alert so logged in and wanted to hear the story only to see the Alert again. Then and only then did i realise that i wasn’t going to see the other chapters. Very clever, watch out for Mr Trumps reaction if it comes to his attention, you could be called to write his speeches😉. Your creative writting is amazing.

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