#ChapterOne: A fight of light and shadow

Before the story begins:

I’m so pleased you dropped by to read my new “Chapter One”! 
If you’ve read any of my others, you’ll notice this one is a little different. It’s a fantasy chapter!!! 
This genre is the exact reason why I have been missing for the last three weeks. Each day I would read my words before posting, and I’d end up deleting chunks of text (at one point I even deleted the whole thing!) because I just wasn’t happy with the main character or how to introduce the “Shadow Army”.
I am still not 100% happy compared to my other chapters, but I would still love to know what you think. 
From this experience and a fair amount of introspection, I think I will be sticking to stories with elements of love. Love of a couple, love of a family, even the love of a pet! I love love, and love writing about it even more. 
Enjoy this Chapter One!

Chapter one: A fight of light and shadow

My legs are aching now, and it’s no surprise because I’ve been crouching behind this huge rock for almost an hour.
The freezing winter wind is blowing across the rocky, barren landscape, howling through my ears. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were just the noise, but the wind is also cold as ice. Despite my layers of fur, I can still feel it freezing my bones.
I sadden as I realise there will be no end to this winter.
I let out a long sigh.
“Perhaps I should stop hunting today?” I think to myself.
“I’ve not even seen a glimmer of a star yet, let alone one stupid enough to expose itself to me.”
I’m too tired and hungry to argue with myself, so I start to loosen the grip on my bow. The fatigue is making movement hard, so I use the rock to help me stand. Trekking home up the mountain won’t be easy.
Just as I reach full height, a bright flash appears above me. There’s no mistaking it; it’s a shooting star. Excitement floods my body as I watch its movements. It’s been over a month since I last saw one.
The star darts back and forth above me, before coming to land on the ground in front of my rock. It starts to dance across the landscape, mocking me with its carefree and happy attitude.
Surely it knows it’s being hunted by every remaining human and beast on earth?
As I watch the star from behind the rock, I begin to pity it, because I’m about to make it my prisoner. Just like I am to the Shadows.
I used to sing and dance around the forest on warm summer evenings just like this star. Carefree and innocent, like any young 16-year-old should do. But look at me now and this barren land I’m forced to hunt on, anyone would think that was decades ago. Not ten months.
In those few months my life, my families life, hell the whole world, has been shaken and turned upside down. The Shadow Army arrived from the centre of the earth like a plague. Hundreds of them, with reptile skin that covered bodies as big as bears, their faces were those of beasts, and they moved like cats.
No one knew what they were or why they had such hatred for the human race, but it was evident they were seeking vengeance for something.
Within a day they had extinguished the sun, within a month they had turned our lands into barren deserts, and by the second month, they had culled 80 per cent of the earth’s population. Those left, including my sister and me, retreated into hiding. Over time communities formed high up on the mountains across the world, as we came to realise heights somehow weakened them.
We started to piece other bits of information together too. They had abilities that exceed us humans like super strength, speed and night vision. They also spoke in perfect and eloquent English – like that of royalty or something. It didn’t suit their evil exteriors. The way they murdered humans and creatures also revealed they had no soul. We also began to understand these animals had a weakness – natural light. Probably the reason why they lived in the dark centre of the earth and extinguished the sun.
Stars were the only natural light left, the reason why we are now forced to hunt and capture these innocent creatures, like the one dancing in front of me. The Shadow Army have forced us to become beasts, just like them.

3 thoughts on “#ChapterOne: A fight of light and shadow

  1. Again a great piece of writting, But, i felt that this really is not where you are comfortable and i agree that you should head straight back to your previous genres.

  2. I agree! It’s a fantastic piece of writing, I became increasingly absorbed and am sad it came to an abrupt end! Will there be a chapter 2? If you love to write about love, then we’ll love to read it. Please post more!




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