#Alopecia: My Journey 2 (a different person in & out)

It has been a LOOOOONG while since my last alopecia update, and a lot has changed. So for those of you who are going through a similar journey, want to know more about me, or even readers who want so tips on getting in touch with themselves, here’s my roundup. I hope you find it inspiring.


The level of hair loss:

Yep, I am now as smooth as a seal 😃

Still cute!!


I have no eyebrows, lashes, leg hair, arm hair…even nose hair! I will get the odd bit of fluff or tuft, but it doesn’t stick around for long. The eyes were the hardest to accept because fluttery eyelashes are the second most feminine thing (second to actual hair). Makeup does wonders at giving me brows and lashes…but as a woman who loved to wear a natural look; I have had to accept my more made up appearance. Oh, and can I just add having no leg or arm hair is AMAZING!!! I am so smooth and soft. I love it!



Functional Medicine – My Functional Doctor discovered a significant imbalance in my hormones. I had almost zero testosterone! I embarked on three months of creams and pills to balance things back out. And although my testosterone increased to ‘normal’ my hair loss continued. My follow-up appointment dealt me a huge blow when my doctor told me “I’m sorry I can’t help you anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong”. 😔
Dermatologist – A little later (in the same week as the Functional Medicine dead-end) my dermatologist told me “I’m sorry, I am not happy that my treatment is working of you. We should stop doing it”. 😔 😔
Homoeopath – She has no new treatments to offer me. She is now back to suggesting plain old vitamins.

I’m now pursuing new avenues which include immune inhibiting drugs and investigating possible leaky gut/Crohn’s disease following a startling food intolerance test.



In writing all the above seems like a barrage of never ending dead ends, and so you’d expect me to be pretty depressed, right? But in truth, I am feeling stronger and more positive than ever (even compared to when I had hair!).

Alopecia has made me a different, better person. I finally feel in tune with my body. It’s making me question aspects of my life and seek improvements. Before Alopecia I would feel helpless to circumstance and tied to the path I was on. Now I know I’m in control of who and what I am.

When you lose an aspect of your health, you realise how important it is. I am so lucky that my loss is a superficial one, not a life ending disease. Therefore this is my chance to flip my life around by focusing on putting an end to stress, discovering what brings me joy, and living a life I am proud of.



Some of the things I now do that has had a transformational effect on my attitude, health, happiness, and focus are:

  • I listen to my body after eating. I mean I really listen! The difference between eating a meal that works with your body vs. against your body is astonishing. I would also suggest a food intolerance test to everyone! You are your own machine, so make sure you are fuelling it with your fuel, not someone else’s!
  • I conduct scheduled weekly personal reflections – for 1 hour, every Thursday I look at areas such as productivity, happiness, and accomplishment.
  • I set long and short term goals for myself – one month, three months, one year, three years, and lifetime.
  • I figured out my sleep cycle – I conducted a test and found out how much sleep MY body needs. I try to hit that magic number as often as possible.
  • I wake at 5.45am every morning and do 30 minutes of yoga and 20 minutes of meditation before Mr and Baby Bonono are up.

If you are interested in learning specifics about any of these practices so you can try them, I’d be happy to share in a separate blog post. Just let me know in the comments!
When I reread my last Alopecia update, I see how angry I was about the progression of the “disease”, and it just doesn’t sound like me at all now! I have come a long way mentally and emotionally since then. I now have a healthy dose of self-love!!!


I see my health as a marathon, not a sprint. I am determined to make healthy long term habits, not short term, yo-yo improvements. There are many aspects that I need to make commitments to and it will be a struggle – but I will be spurred on by my new found positive mental attitude.
P.S. I have also discovered the impact of giving thanks for my blessings in life, in order to keep my metaphorical glass full! Therefore I am dedicating this post to some special people! –

  1. Of course, firstly comes Mr & Baby Bonono, because they are my everything.
  2. Mama Bonono. My mum has a never ending supply of kindness and love. She inspires me to give the same to myself and others.
  3. A dear friend (and honorary Bonono) – she was the catalyst for a lot of the positives I have mentioned and someone who makes my days a whole lot brighter.

To those mentioned, your contribution and impact on who I have become are immeasurable. I am, and will forever be, thankful and blessed to have you in my life.

3 thoughts on “#Alopecia: My Journey 2 (a different person in & out)

  1. My ❤explodes with love for you . I can not write as well as you so i will message you a personal reply . I hope that your strength and positivity can help other going through what you have experienced, you are an inspiration to us all. Xxxx

  2. This was a beautiful, inspiring and uplifting post to read this morning. May everything get lighter and brighter (and hairier) as you move forward. You inspire us all. So much love for you!

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