#Personal: Dear Mr Bonono

Dear Mr Bonono,
Happy anniversary! Today we celebrate 2 years of marriage. Wow…we are married! I still can’t believe I have a husband. Or a child.


I hope you are reading this. I know life can get busy and finding the time to read my blog isn’t always priority number one. In fact, the way our life has changed in these 2 years, it can seem like anything and everything comes before each other. That’s ok, life requires it sometimes. But today, on our anniversary I am making you my priority number one (well once Baby Bonono goes to bed anyway).
Yesterday I looked back on our dating photos. Besides looking so young (and awake), I came to realise how carefree we were. Our days were full of hours and possibilities. We had nowhere to be or decisions to make. We lazed on the beach, had romantic dinners, and fall in love deep and hard.
Comparing those images to the ones from this year, life is very different. And yes, it is harder. Marriage is work, parenting is harder work, and planning a future is even harder. We have schedules, obligations, and a human to raise; all while trying to pursue our dreams, save money, get fit, watch Master Chef, and make each other happy! Phew, how exhausting is that!
Reading this you would probably think I’m wishing us back to those lazy dating days. But no, not me. Our current life is far more rewarding, satisfying, and loving than anything that ever came before. It is the struggles, early mornings, and stresses that cement our love, and make our ‘team’ stronger.
I think you would agree when I say year 2 of our marriage has been the most testing. That is especially true when I crumbled under the loss of my hair. My weakness made me question my worth as a wife and mother. I wasn’t the best person to be around, let alone married to!

Yet your continued love helped me shake off those demons and come out the other side with a deeper love for myself. Do you realise how significant that is? You made me love me! Alopecia could have broken me, but because of your unwavering encouragement, I actually started loving myself more. You probably don’t even know you did this. But you did. And that is one of the million reasons why you are the best decision of my life!
(And here is where I get a little more emotional…) You are the rock that makes my mind, body, and soul steady. You accept me and love me when I am at my most emotional and least lady-like. I’m sure I don’t deserve you at times.
I predict on our next anniversary, the photos I look back on from this year , will be just as different as the photos are from our dating past. Year 3 will be the year our plans, dreams, and family will root down, like a tree that will never fall. How do I know this? Well, because with each other as inspirations, cheerleaders, and guides, how can we fail?!

I also promise to make year 3 the year you know you are still my priority number 1 (after Baby Bonono).
I will end by simply saying, thank you. Thank you for choosing me. x



2 thoughts on “#Personal: Dear Mr Bonono

  1. Aaaaawwwww!
    This is so beautiful, especially cos it clearly comes from two – no, three hearts that are so close to each other! I certainly cheer you on for your next best-year-ever.

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