#SelfDevelopment: 4 tips for keeping a new years resolution

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Secondly, as you have decided to share your precious time with me and this post, it is likely (based on the title) you have picked a new year resolution but struggling to keep to it.

It’s ok! We are only in week 3 of January, and real change takes time with many setbacks, false starts, and hurdles along the way!

Only 8 percent of people who make resolutions stick to it – and I was persistent (and lucky) enough to become one of that 8 percent last year. This is why I wanted to share thoughts on what I believe to be the reasons why I was able to keep to my resolution and inspire you to keep trying and not give in just yet.

At the end of the post I share my personal story – but for those who want quick advice here goes my top 4 tips for keeping a new years resolution.


1. Find the meaning

To achieve a goal it needs to resonate with you so profoundly that setbacks won’t divert you off your path to success.

For example, say your goal is to lose weight but the thought of a weekly Netflix nights with a big bowl of cheesy pasta gives you a bigger thrill than shifting that 5 kg’s then you probably have not found the deeper meaning behind why you want to lose weight.

Ponder over the bigger picture of why you want to achieve that goal. Perhaps it’s your self-confidence? Now be specific about your desire for confidence. What will happen if you don’t realise your goal? Take a long time to explore the reason why – days or even weeks if you need it.



2. Check-in Regularly

Journaling and reviewing your goal regularly is the essential ingredient to success here. I love following moon cycle’s because it happens every month without fail.

Also, don’t just set a goal in January and assume it will stay the same all year! Every month reflect on your goal and how far you have come. And always question if the goal is still relevant. You might realise the destination is not for you anymore, or the path you have chosen to reach the goal is not working out. This does not mean you have failed! Quite the opposite. It indicates you have grown and are more aware than ever.


3. Understand yourself

A year is a long time – slipping off the horse is inevitable. This does not mean you should give up! Keep a diary of when you slipped. Explore and question the reason why, how it felt, and how you can avoid this situation in the future.

Just as importantly, note when things went well too. Ask questions like how it feels to tick of a task or make progress toward your goal. What mood were you in before you started, and what inspired your action.


Take more substantial quarterly reflection of your diary to discover patterns and similarities. Over time you will develop a better understanding of your weakness and strengths, which will help you to build resilience and facilitate success.


4. Put It Out There

Finally, tell the universe this is what you are doing by acting as if it has already happened. Its the “Secret” many people believe in making your wishes come true!



There you go! That’s my advice for new year success…what do you think? Has it inspired you to keep pushing to achieve your 2018 dreams? I do hope so.

Keep reading for my personal story that inspired this post.



banana struggling



My story of New Years Success

From September 2016 I started losing large parts of my hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes (check out my first blog to learn more about my story). This fast and dramatic change unsurprisingly crippled my sense of self-worth and confidence. The smallest comment, thought, or look would set me off in a spiral of self-pity, tears, or anger. I was broken.

As the new year approached, it was the perfect time to reflect on the bad (Alopecia) and the good (Bonono’s). I also took time to consider what I would tell a friend if she was in the same situation as me and questioned how I could raise Baby Bonono to be a strong, confident woman if I was not strong and confident myself. I also thought about why Mr Bonono would still love me if I were not the same positive and optimistic person he fell in love with.
I soon realised pity would not solve my health problem and even worse, it would, in fact, destroy all the good in my life! (Advice 1: Find the meaning!)

So for 2017, I resolved to rebuild my identity and invest in myself (health, happiness, and understanding). I did this by setting goals to lose my baby weight, heal my body, find my passions, and discover a different type of confidence.

Throughout the year I took small steps, (which by themselves could be considered quite insignificant), but ultimately accumulated into the more confident person I am today.
A few of these small things include:


I also started setting regular intentions and reflection (Advice 2: Check in regularly) so I could ensure every month I did something towards achieving my ultimate goal.

I lost my way at times, and being a mother and wife meant I could not prioritise myself all the time – but I kept hold of the greater picture – me smiling and enjoying my family, instead of sitting sullenly while people around me lived their lives.

After six months, I took a day off work to review how far I had come on my journey and how I had changed.

To my surprise, I noticed my journals were much more positive and optimistic. I was also leaving the house more to see friends and I living a naturally healthy life without thought.

I had dropped 4KG, started a new hobby, and had become the goofy bubbly person I was before – without even realising!! (Advice 3: Understand yourself)

Fast forward to today; I am more aware and confident. I am liking the person I am becoming, so-much-so it makes me a little thankful for the setback alopecia handed me (otherwise who knows where I would be today, probably not writing this blog!).

I am still on my journey, and I even have setbacks and doubts, but I am 100 percent confident that I will end up at a destination surround by love, peace, and health (Advice 4: Put it out there).


4 thoughts on “#SelfDevelopment: 4 tips for keeping a new years resolution

  1. I love this blog thanks Bonono! good advice on resolutions – I specially like the thrown-in comment on following the moon cycle rather than necessarily the calendar cycle – is that what you meant? and how does that work? with Google calendar dictating our every action nearly?! And I love how positive you feel about the tough year that has gone by for you – so good we got your blog from it!

    1. Yes, that’s right. I did mean the lunar calendar! I love it. I block 3 hours for every new moon and every full moon – to ensure for at least two days a month I spend a little time on myself (and by myself). I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you for the continued support Margi xx

  2. Great advice and as i have seen it really does work, you are the proof. After all these years i have stopped making new year resolutions but i will definitely try and take on board your positive attitude to what life has in store for us and how to make the best of every situation.
    I love reading your blog it makes me so proud of you . You are a wonderful daughter , mother and wife and a great example for baby bonono.

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