About Alopecia & Bononos

Hey! I appreciate you dropping by, thank you for your time x

This is a place where I share

  • Creative short stories inspired by drawings,
  • Experience-based advice for discovering your identity and self-development,
  • And a little slice of my personal life too.

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Photo on 6-5-17 at 6.10 PM #2
Here’s me and Baby Bonono! oooh so cute x





I developed this autoimmune disorder after pregnancy. It certainly doesn’t define me, but it is a huge life change that affects many aspects of who I am and who I am becoming.


Other than Banana with an ‘O’. Bonono is the name I use to describe my family, my loves, and everything that matters. Mr Bonono is my husband and Baby Bonono is my daughter. Although I share their image on occasion, I do like to keep a little mystery by not disclosing their names.


Please note: All information and stories shared come from my experience or my kooky imagination. It is not intended to offend or used as professional advice. The purpose is to entertain, inspire and make you question.