#Personal: Dear Mr Bonono

Dear Mr Bonono, Happy anniversary! Today we celebrate 2 years of marriage. Wow…we are married! I still can’t believe I have a husband. Or a child. I hope you are reading this. I know life can get busy and finding the time to read my blog isn’t always priority number one. In fact, the way […]

#Personal: “What did we say?” (My emotional story)

I started a course to help me develop my writing skills and this week I was set the task to write a true story with emotion. I decided instead of taking the easy route (a tale of sorrow about me losing my feminine identity), I decided to share a story that is wholesome and heartwarming. […]

#Personal: Forced positivity

I met a friend of a friend this week. He is a believer in energies and the power of positivity. After talking with him for 10/15 minutes, he asked if I would like him to share his impression of me. As a curious kitty, who loves a bit of self-analysis, I said “sure, go for it!” […]

#Alopecia: My Journey 1

I wanted to start sharing with you monthly Alopecia updates. It is, unfortunately, a huge part of my life right now. So I should start telling you what’s going on! This is my first update and a few weeks ago when I decided to do this, I couldn’t wait to write this post. Although I’ve […]

#Personal: Dear Baby Bonono

Sorry for the delayed post! I have been struggling to write this post for over a week now. I’ve been finding it hard to articulate both the joys and pains of 2016. A year that baby Bonono was born (and you know how I feel about her!) and a year that brought fear, stress, redundancy, […]

#Personal: 29 (possibly) interesting facts about me

As I said on my ‘finding my identity’ post, I want to explore the side of me beyond the Alopecia & Bonono’s label. So here is step one of that journey, a small and somewhat interesting list of facts about me. Please let me know if you’d like me to go into any details and perhaps […]

Finding my identity

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered “who the hell am I?” In the space of 365 days, I went from being an easy-going adventurer to becoming a wife, mother, and alopecia sufferer. Did you read my first post “About me”? These are the three words I used to introduce myself. I didn’t […]