#ChapterOne: A life changing day

Audrey Every morning I stop, wait, look left, look right, and cross. And then every evening the same thing happens again as I return home. Time ticks away and my life passes in the same monotonous way. Stop, wait, look, cross. Stop, wait, look, cross. I’ve done that walk hundreds of times. In fact, it […]


#Alopecia: My Journey 2 (a different person in & out)

It has been a LOOOOONG while since my last alopecia update, and a lot has changed. So for those of you who are going through a similar journey, want to know more about me, or even readers who want so tips on getting in touch with themselves, here’s my roundup. I hope you find it inspiring. […]

#ChapterOne: A fight of light and shadow

Before the story begins: Hi! I’m so pleased you dropped by to read my new “Chapter One”!  If you’ve read any of my others, you’ll notice this one is a little different. It’s a fantasy chapter!!!  This genre is the exact reason why I have been missing for the last three weeks. Each day I […]

#Personal: “What did we say?” (My emotional story)

I started a course to help me develop my writing skills and this week I was set the task to write a true story with emotion. I decided instead of taking the easy route (a tale of sorrow about me losing my feminine identity), I decided to share a story that is wholesome and heartwarming. […]

#ChapterOne: The buried truth of Micky & Minnie Mouse

What’s the story of this anonymous mouse?   Do you know this mouse? His face is so recognisable, right? But wait. Take a closer look. Is he the same mouse you were thinking of? I didn’t think so. This mouse is anonymous now, but not for long. Let me introduce Kevin. My wife started writing […]

#ChapterOne: Ryder & Nora

This image is the culmination of a swash-buckling narrative filled with adventure, love, and loss. What tale would you tell?? Read my tale below. Nora was so in tune with Ryder that she could feel his emotion without him needing to speak or even look at her. And today was no different. After being called […]

#ChapterOne: Betty & Wade

Whats happening in this photo? Is she critiquing his photo or complaining that he isn’t paying attention to her? What do you see? Betty loved Wade. His artistic nature complimented her inner adventurer. So when he suggested a moonlit dinner on the beach to finish his photography project, she burst with excitement. The night was […]

#Personal: Forced positivity

I met a friend of a friend this week. He is a believer in energies and the power of positivity. After talking with him for 10/15 minutes, he asked if I would like him to share his impression of me. As a curious kitty, who loves a bit of self-analysis, I said “sure, go for it!” […]

#Alopecia: My Journey 1

I wanted to start sharing with you monthly Alopecia updates. It is, unfortunately, a huge part of my life right now. So I should start telling you what’s going on! This is my first update and a few weeks ago when I decided to do this, I couldn’t wait to write this post. Although I’ve […]

#Personal: Dear Baby Bonono

Sorry for the delayed post! I have been struggling to write this post for over a week now. I’ve been finding it hard to articulate both the joys and pains of 2016. A year that baby Bonono was born (and you know how I feel about her!) and a year that brought fear, stress, redundancy, […]