self development

#SelfDevelopment: Four questions to ask yourself

I have been pretty open on this blog, as well as with my nearest and dearest, about my struggle with self-identity since becoming a mother and being hit with alopecia. One day a cherished friend and colleague introduced me to the idea of self-reflection byways of getting in touch with my values, priorities, goals, and […]

#SelfDevelopment: 3 steps to creating a routine

I’ve just got back from a 2 week trip to Toronto to visit Mr Bonono’s family and get away from the heat of Dubai’s summer (those of you who don’t live here, just imagine the sun, and now place yourself in the centre of it. That’s Dubai right now!) Besides having a wonderful time breathing […]


#Alopecia: My Journey 2 (a different person in & out)

It has been a LOOOOONG while since my last alopecia update, and a lot has changed. So for those of you who are going through a similar journey, want to know more about me, or even readers who want so tips on getting in touch with themselves, here’s my roundup. I hope you find it inspiring. […]

#ChapterOne: A fight of light and shadow

Before the story begins: Hi! I’m so pleased you dropped by to read my new “Chapter One”!  If you’ve read any of my others, you’ll notice this one is a little different. It’s a fantasy chapter!!!  This genre is the exact reason why I have been missing for the last three weeks. Each day I […]

#ChapterOne: Betty & Wade

Whats happening in this photo? Is she critiquing his photo or complaining that he isn’t paying attention to her? What do you see? Betty loved Wade. His artistic nature complimented her inner adventurer. So when he suggested a moonlit dinner on the beach to finish his photography project, she burst with excitement. The night was […]

#Personal: Forced positivity

I met a friend of a friend this week. He is a believer in energies and the power of positivity. After talking with him for 10/15 minutes, he asked if I would like him to share his impression of me. As a curious kitty, who loves a bit of self-analysis, I said “sure, go for it!” […]

#SelfDevelopment: The NEW New Years resolution

I have a love-hate relationship with New Years Resolutions. I’ve always set these idealistic huge goals for myself that fail before January is done. But I still love the symbolic nature of the day. An opportunity to reset, reflect, and renew. As a new mum with health issues and exciting 2017 plans, my resolution list […]